Speaker Series - Spring 2019 

Monday, 14 January 2019          Their Last Full Measure of Devotion: Lincoln at Gettysburg, November 1863 - (125)

                                                          The events that led Lincoln to make the single most famous speech in American political history,          

                                                          and the  significance it retains to this day.

                                                          Dan Breen, Senior Lecturer, American Studies, Brandeis University

Monday, 11 February 2019        The Dong Ha Bridge (126)

                                                     The story of U.S. Marine Captain John Walter Ripley, who single-handedly blunted a major North 

                                                     Vietnamese offensive by blowing up a strategic bridge in South Vietnam.

                                                         Jim Ramsey, former Seabee company commander in Vietnam, whose battalion built the Dong Ha 

                                                          Bridge 3 years before Captain Ripley destroyed it.

Monday, 11 March 2019            The Humor of World War II:  How Comedy Became one of our Strongest Weapons in the 

                                                   Path to Victory (127) - (waiting approval from speaker to distribute)

                                                         Michael Manfreda, attorney and former prosecutor, teacher, and lecturer in American military, political 

                                                          and  intellectual history.

Monday, 8 April  2019               Breaking the Enigma Code (128)

                                                          How Breaking the Enigma Code Shortened WWII by Two Years

                                                         Leon Poirier, Former researcher in radar, retired professor of electrical engineering and physics

Monday, 13 May 2019                Old Ironsides a Cherished National Symbol (129)

                                                          From her launch in 1797 to her ongoing service as the Navy's oldest commissioned warship, USS 

                                                          Constitution has bolstered Americans’ belief in their own Navy and their country. 

                                                          Carl Herzog, maritime history instructor, professional sailor, and Public Historian, USS Constitution  


Monday, 10 June 2019               Muskets and Tomahawks - The Battles of Saratoga (130)

                                                         These decisive Revolutionary War battles marked a turning point in the war when France decided that 

                                                         the Patriots could win and thus entered the conflict on the side of the Americans.  

                                                         Bob Lewis, Captain USNR retired, Naval Aviator, Patrol Plane Commander in aircraft carrier- and  

                                                          later, shore-based patrol planes. 


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